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Over the years, several organizations have asked about purchasing a sculpture of the young boy from the Pool of Tears Veteran's Memorial in Temple, Texas.  That particular sculpture was created using a medium called Winterstone, so there were no additional castings.   Late last year, two organizations approached me about recreating the child for their projects; The Veterans Plaza in Schertz, Texas, and Fort Myers Public Library to put on their grounds. 

The sculpture is scheduled for completion in December 2013 or early January 2014.  Salute to  Hero is an open edition and suitable for installation for Veteran's Memorials,  public parks, memorial gardens and other public facilities.  Please allow  three months for delivery. 

For more information or to order, please click here  to send me an email or call 512-629-3772. 



Veteran's Plaza

Schertz, Texas


The Veterans Plaza Board in Schertz, Texas was formed with the mission of providing a memorial plaza dedicated to honoring all who serve in the uniformed services of the United States of America, past, present, and future. 

 The floor of the pentagon-shaped design is to be constructed of engraved brick pavers honoring individual veterans. A form is located at Paver Donation Form for purchasing these pavers should you care to have your veteran honored in this Plaza.


Fort Myers Beach Public Library

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

This is one of those installations that really excites me.  "Salute to  Hero" will be a stand alone sculpture, facing the Flag and greeting patrons as they enter the new library.  I will be modifying the little boy during the casting process so that he is wearing a coastal design shirt and beach shoes.  I am also sculpting and casting a life size bronze sea turtle that will be near the little boy.

For more information about the Fort Myers Beach Public Library, click here.


pool of tears - all veterans memorial - temple, Texas

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Concept Drawing

The bugler kneels, head bowed after honoring another soldier with Taps. At the far end of a long reflecting pool, a young boy stands holding the flag of his forefathers tucked under his arm as he salutes the kneeling soldier.


The boy is  life-size and the kneeling soldier is 8 feet tall.  When I designed the negative edge pool and back foundation wall, I had no idea the premiere contactor for that type of pool was located just miles from Temple.  Lew Akins and the staff of Ocean Quest Pools  did an outstanding job of bringing the design to life.  It was a perfect artistry partnership.

The Design

The idea behind the design was to honor all soldiers of all wars.  The white finish represents the spirit of all soldiers past and future.  Both sculptures were made using Winterstone.

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My nine year old grandson, Kolt, was the model for the little boy and the bugler wears the 1st Cavalry patch, my unit in Vietnam, now  headquartered out of nearby Fort Hood.  The bugle is modeled after one of the earliest bugles used.

The Install and Dedication

The install took place at night in order to preserve the integrity of the unveiling.  Lowering and attaching the sculpture to the foundation wall was a challenge, to say the least, but workers from the City of Temple and Ocean Quest Pools did a superb job.

The park was dedicated on Memorial Day, 2003, and was one of the proudest days of my career. 





"Often, actually very often, during the sculpting process, I realized I had tears on my face.  I knew it would be an emotional project when I got the commission and I was concerned about that part.  The surprise for me was that in the end, it was very healing."  Mike Scovel

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An extra special thanks to Kim Mettenbrink with the Temple Parks and Leisure Department, for her constant support and assistance with this project. 

Duty, Honor and Country - MSG. Roy P. Benavidez



Dedicated November 11, 2004

Cuero, Texas


In my opinion, there is not one single American who doesn't owe enormous gratitude to Msg. Roy P. Benavidez.  His life was an example of the kind of patriotism and courage we all should aspire to.  I can honestly say that being chosen to create the monument to honor Roy Benavidez was one of the most humbling experiences of my life.





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